Intellectual Arm Candy



  • If your appointment requires a deposit, the deposit amount is 20% of the total cost of the appointment (unless otherwise stated.)
  • Deposits are non-refundable except in the unlikely event that I have to cancel our appointment
  • Deposits are required for the following types of appointments:
    • Appointments 4 hours or longer
    • Appointments outside the Denver/Boulder metro area regardless of length of booking
      • This includes appointments in Colorado cities such as Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, mountain towns, etc
      • This may include tour appointments
    • Appointments with clients who have a history of problematic/inconvenient cancellations
    • At my sole discretion, I may require a deposit if I have reason to question the seriousness of the booking 
  • Deposits are due at time of booking.  
  • If you cancel with at least 48 hours notice, you may apply the deposit to a rescheduled appointment within 30 days.
  • If you cancel with 24 hours notice or less, the deposit is not refundable and may not be applied to a future booking.  
  • In the unlikely event that I have to cancel the appointment for any reason, you have the option to apply your deposit to a rescheduled appointment within 90 days or I will refund your deposit within 24 hours.  
  • Deposits are payable via the following methods (please contact me for details):
    • Cashapp 
    • Venmo
    • Google Pay 
    • Bitcoin 
    • Amazon or Target Giftcard to my email

TL; DR: Deposits of 20% are required in some cases.  I'll let you know if this applies to you.  Bitcoin is an option.  Deposits are non-refundable unless I cancel; may be applied to future appointments.  



While I understand that life happens and things come up, cancellations are an expensive inconvenience that I wish to minimize.  For this reason, I have adopted the following cancellation policies:

  • Cancellation fees are payable via the same methods listed for deposits above. 
  • Cancellation with at least 48 hours notice does not incur a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation with 25-47 hours notice incurs a cancellation fee of $100, which is payable immediately.
  • Cancellation 12-24 hours notice a incurs a cancellation fee of $150 which is payable immediately.  
  • Cancellation with less than 12 hours notice incurs a cancellation fee of $200, which is payable immediately.
  • Any two cancellations throughout the lifetime of our provider/client relationship may result in mandatory deposits for all future appointments.  This policy includes cancellations that did not incur a cancellation fee.  
  • No future appointments will be scheduled until cancellation fees have been paid in full.  
  • Failure to pay cancellation fees may result in reports to the escort community, including blacklist sites.  Please note that blacklist entries will negatively impact your ability to book any escort in the future as most escorts will not see clients with a past history of problematic behavior.

TL; DR: Don't be flaky.  Honor your appointment commitments or pay cancellation fees.  Failure to pay fees will result in the addition of your info to a National SW Naughty List!