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Ready to book?  Great!  I'm ready to see you!  The best way to start the process is to complete the form below. Alternatively, you may email the information contained in the form to ellawest at protonmail dot com.  


To ensure mutual safety and enjoyment of our time together, I require screening for all new friends.  Please know that I value your privacy and will handle your personal information with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.  


I offer several options for screening, ONLY ONE is required.  You do not need to provide all three!


Please choose one: 


1)  2 provider references: include provider name, website and phone/email address. I must be able to verify that the provider is real and that you have seen them in the last 6 months.  Providers who are only listed on ad sites who do not have a website or social media presence will not be accepted as references. 


2)  Employment information: please know that I maintain a high standard of professionalism and discretion in all interactions.  Please include any instructions on phone or email etiquette when contacting you via these methods.  I will not contact you via any of these methods without your express permission.

  • Company phone number (direct line or extension) OR company email with your name attached
  • Your LinkedIn account 
  • Your business card that matches the legal name you have provided
  • Your work photo ID badge 


3)  Photo ID: Driver's License, State ID, Passport or Company Photo ID: both a close-up of the ID and a selfie holding the ID.

  • Do not redact your name or birthdate from the ID as they are required to verify your identity.


Please complete the booking form below.  If you prefer to email your screening info, you may send all info from required fields on the form to [email protected].


Incomplete booking forms/screening emails will be ignored. 


Please note: it is your responsibility to read my policies thoroughly before booking an appointment.



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