MILF Next door




How do I book an appointment?

I strongly prefer that you submit your inquiry through my screening form (click the screening tab in the menu at the top of this page.)

If you prefer, you may email all of the information listed on my screening form to [email protected] (Protonmail is free and encrypted; I highly recommend it for all clients and potential clients.)

Please note that I will not respond to incomplete inquiries.  


Are you available now?

No.  In order to offer the best possible experience to each client, I require adequate time and energy to prepare for our time together.  Last-minute appointments are almost never possible.  The absolute minimum amount of notice I require is 4 hours, about 24-72 hours is ideal.

Furthermore, this message is an example of disappointing low-effort communication that comes across as disrespectful of the time and energy I have devoted to making this information readily accessible on my website.  You will not receive a response to this or similar messages.


Where are you located?

I host incalls from an upscale private location near Sloan's Lake in Denver.

I offer outcalls to upscale hotels throughout the Denver/Boulder.  Please share the name and address of the hotel in your initial message.

I also offer outcalls to private residences on a case-by-case basis.  Outcalls to private residences may require additional screening information.


How do I know you are real?

Are any of us real?  What if this is all just a simulation?  


Existential questions aside, I am verified on Eros & PrivateDelights, meaning I have submitted photos of my ID and they have determined that I am the person in my photos.  I also have reviews on PrivateDelights.  





I spend way too much time on Twitter, so that's another excellent resource for verifying that I'm a real provider and learning more about me.  



I do not send additional photos for "verification."  I consider requests for addtional photos to be time-wasting behavior and will block you accordingly.

Why haven't you responded to my message?

I respond to all serious, respectful inquiries within 24 hours.  However, I pride myself on excellent customer service and generally respond within a few hours.  If it has been more than 24 hours since you sent your inquiry and I have not responded, it is most likely because you did not include the required information as detailed above or because you used disrespectful or explicit language in your message.  You are welcome to submit a new inquiry with the required information.


Why do you require screening?

Screening is the industry standard for all professional escorts.  Screening is for both your safety and mine.  Of course, you understand that my safety, security and life depend on avoiding dangerous situations and people.  You may think to yourself "I know I'm not dangerous," but please remember that I don't know that yet.  I would not be able to relax and feel comfortable during our time together if I felt unsafe in any way.  Once we've had our first appointment, we'll never need to go through screening again.  

Screening helps keep you safe because it proves that I am a real independent escort who takes her business seriously and conducts herself professionally.  It proves that I am discerning in who I see and that I am not a scammer or affiliated with law enforcement.  Remember: cops and scammers don't screen because they are not worried about their safety.  The fact that safety is a primary concern for me should help put your mind at ease, because it ensures your safety as well.

What do you do with the information I provide for screening purposes?

If you screen via provider references, I contact the provider and ask when they last saw you and if you are safe, clean and respectful.  


If you screen via LinkedIn, work badge, business card, or government ID, I do a light background check which includes a criminal records check and a search of the sex offender registry.  I also input your information into various industry blacklist tools to ensure that you do not have a history of unacceptable behavior with other providers.


After my screening process is complete, I delete your personal information.

What might you discover in your screening process that would cause you to decline my booking?

I will not accept clients who have any of the following on their criminal record:

  • Violent crimes of any kind
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex offenses
  • Burglary, larceny, robbery, theft, etc.


I will generally accept clients who have any of the following on their criminal record:

  • Drug possession
  • DUI
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Other misdemeanors


If you do have a criminal record, I would very much appreciate your honesty and full disclosure of this information when you inquire about booking with me.  


I might also decline your appointment if I am unable to reach your provider references or if they disclose something that makes me uncomfortable.  


The most common reason I decline an appointment is your failure to cooperate with my screening requirements, failure to read and follow directions, and/or communication that is anything less than respectful and professional.  


Unfortunately, I am not able to share the specific reason why I declined your appointment.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

My privacy is very important to me. Will you tell anyone about our appointment?

I am committed to maintaining your privacy.  I will never disclose any of your personal information under any circumstances.  As a professional independent escort, my livelihood depends on my reputation. Simply put, if I were to compromise the privacy of my clients, my business would fail. Therefore, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe with me.

How do you ensure discretion when you arrive for an outcall? I don’t want anyone to know I am with an escort.

My girl-next-door appearance is a large part of my appeal.  No one who sees me in public would ever guess that I am an escort.  I dress in normal street clothes in public and save the sexy attire for our private time.  


If you prefer not to be seen with me in public, I am happy to come directly to your hotel room as long as the elevator does not require a key card.  If you are staying in a hotel that requires a key card to use the elevator, you will have to meet me in the lobby/near the elevator.


If you are concerned about coworkers or others seeing us together, please let me know ahead of time.  You can describe your clothing/appearance and I’ll do the same. When I see you in the lobby/at the elevator, we can discreetly make eye contact and then I will silently follow you onto the elevator without acknowledging you.  Anyone in or around the elevator will assume I am a random hotel guest.


Do you party?

I guess that depends on how you define “party.”  If you mean, “Do you spend your Saturday nights binge-watching The Office on Netflix with your dog?” then yeah, I party pretty hard.


In all seriousness, I do not use drugs.  I drink alcohol very rarely, and almost never during an appointment.  It’s important to me to be fully present for you, and alcohol makes that difficult.  


I do occasionally partake in smoking cannabis.  If this is something you would like to incorporate into our appointment, I am happy to discuss it with you.  However, I do not bring cannabis to appointments unless you’ve specifically requested it, and I am in no way a stereotypical stoner.  


Please note that if you are intoxicated/under the influence of any substances at the beginning of our appointment, I will not proceed with the session and you will not receive a refund.  

Do you do __________? What services do you provide?

I am unable to make information about my services public for legal reasons.  


In general, I can share that I strive to provide an exceptional, unique experience to every client.  My clients describe me as enthusiastic and genuine.


If you’d like to inquire about a specific service or fetish, I will gladly discuss this with you after you have completed screening.  

Do you see African-American, Latino, Indian, etc. clients?

Absolutely!  It truly breaks my heart that you'd even have to ask, but sadly, I'm familiar with the racist policies of some of my escort colleagues.  I'm so sorry that you've ever been turned away by an escort because of your race/ethnicity. 


Please know that I see any client who respectfully submits a complete inquiry that includes the information I require for screening/verification.  All that matters to me is that you are safe, respectful, and able to read and follow directions.


On a related note: announcing your whiteness in your initial email is very off-putting to me, especially because the prospective clients who mention being white almost never include the information I require for screening.  Being white does not make you a safer client and it does not give you a free pass to avoid screening.  


All prospective clients will be subject to the same screening/verification process, regardless of race/ethnicity.  


Are you on P411?

Yes I am.  I generally don't accept a P411 client profile as the sole screening method unless you have multiple okay's from providers I know. My P411 ID is P318620.